What is the Transformational Energy Release Method® or TERM®?

As we all know, everything is made up of energy, including our bodies. When the life-force energy, or chi (as eastern medicine refers to it)within our bodies is not flowing properly due to some kind of stress or injury, we start to feel the effects. We can feel a whole host of symptoms, we may become tied or irritable, we may feel physical or emotional pain. What I do with TERM® restores and balances the flow of this energy in the body. Universal energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. I am merely here as a facilitator, I am not healing you, your magnificent body is healing itself with the help of the divine universal energy that is flowing through me. The person receiving the energy generally experiences a feeling of relaxation and relief by the end of the very first session!


How to prepare:

The goal would be to have you be as comfortable as possible before we begin our call. You may actually become so relaxed that you may fall asleep during our session. Therefore, I suggest choosing a time and an area in your home where you most likely will be able to completely free of distraction. For many people this is their bedroom. Feel free to grab a cup of calming tea and light a few candles, whatever you think may help you feel the most able to let go and let the release just happen. How we will begin: We will spend a bit of time, possibly up to 30 minutes, talking about how you are feeling today, what is going on in your life right now and what your intentions would be for the outcome of this session. After we chat for a bit about your expectations, I will ask you to get comfortable and at this time you may wish to turn your video and off. I can remain on video if you’d like but if it is distracting in any way, I will turn mine off as well. I'd like you to leave your audio on so that you can communicate anything to me that you feel necessary. I will then connect with you and intuatively release any blockages or stagnant energy that may be causing you unease or discomfort. Your release may be physical, mental, emotional, or any combination of these.


What to expect:

I will be connecting and assisting in the release for approximately 30 minutes. During this time you most likely experience a feeling of relaxation and release. You may also become very warm or cold, you may have visions, flashbacks or hear things, you may even have thoughts that are not your own. You may experience divine inspiration or feel the need to get up and do something afterward that you have never done. You may experience higher than normal pain that will only last for a short period before the release. There are many things that can happen during your session but the main thing to know is that it is all for your highest good and that you will feel transformed in some way. In my experience, a few of my clients do not experience relief immediately, sometimes it can take a day or two for the results to become apparent. Please be patient with this process, it is to be cherished and respected, your body is very wise and we must not get in the way of the healing.