What is MAT

What is Metaphysical Anatomy® and the Research behind it?


MAT® is a personal development process founded by Author, Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher and Life Coach, Evette Rose. What makes Metaphysical Anatomy different than other therapies is that most of the time we do not require our client to talk about or re-experience the event in order to resolve it. "Trauma" can occur when a person feels unsafe. Examples can include physical assault, an accident, injury or other events, which involved a threat to a person’s survival. Witnessing harm to someone else (including seeing photos or videos) can also constitute trauma. Feel free to visit Evette’s website, www.metaphysicalanatomy.com  to learn more about her and the amazing research that led her to the development of these amazing techniques that have helped thousands of people from all over the world!


Evette had spent several years searching for “the answers” to human suffering. At first she taught some techniques to her clients believing that they were the answer, but then ultimately realized they were not.  Her most important breakthrough was realizing that you can spare yourself from many years of therapy and resolve most of your trauma by using a gentle process to trace the trauma back to the original starting point or anchor, for that trauma, effortlessly. When you find that origin, the change can be instantaneous. If you’ve experienced the trauma of regression, changing negative beliefs, channeling energy or other slow (or painful) therapies, you will be amazed at just how fast and easy the MA consultation process is. The significance of trauma lies in the fact that it has such a powerful role in changing our biology. The science of Epigenetics demonstrates that the effects of traumatic events as well our beliefs surrounding those events can have a lasting affect our genetic makeup. Epigenetics is an important part of the science behind Metaphysical Anatomy. Others that have influenced Evette and contributed in some way great or small to the development of MA include Peter A. Levine, Ph.D and Robert Scaer M.D.

What is an MAT® Session and Why does it work?


An MAT session is a gentle and effective process that resolves stagnant trauma and emotional blocks quickly and easily.

When we work on resolving our past trauma we focus on the actual origin of the trauma, we resolve it and it clears and rarely resurfaces. If it does return it may be that there is another emotion or belief system attached to it that was not touched on prior and can be then cleared up in a follow-up session. Many other modalities tend not to get to the root emotions surrounding original event or they only work temporarily because the trauma or unwanted feelings and emotions have come back. When certain emotions serve us (this tends to be unconscious) then we tend to try and hold onto to it as it is a familiar feeling and familiar feelings make us feel safe. When we let go of a trauma or an emotion we feel familiar with, we may feel unsafe, unbalanced or even distressed without it, because in one way or another that trauma or emotion has become a part of our identity and way of life. With MA we make it a priority to resolve any unconscious unhealthy attachments that you may have with past trauma, people involved or emotions related to the event. All of these are addressed during the session.


During our time together we identify key issues that are related to your condition or blockage. You then feel into the trauma (without reliving it) and the emotion that you would like to resolve. After a brief consultation discussing the issue I guide my clients through a gentle meditation that allows them to gently and spontaneously complete old trauma cycles, which allows their natural positive emotional states to surface again. I will then facilitate an energy release session. I will help your body release the lower vibrational negative energy surrounding that issue, instinct and emotional attachment. It’s an effortless yet very deep process for you as the client. It really is that simple!

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