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What is the Transformational Release & Integration Method or TRIM?

Everything is made up of energy, including our bodies. When the life-force energy, or chi (as eastern medicine calls it) within our bodies is not flowing properly due to some kind of stress or injury, we start to feel the effects. We can feel a whole host of symptoms, we may become tied or irritable, we may even feel physical or emotional pain. TRIM helps restore and balance the flow of this energy in the body by helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages, both physical as well as emotional. The relaxation of the body and mind experienced during the session activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. I will be acting as a facilitator to assist, I am not healing you, your magnificent body is healing itself. My clients generally experience a feeling of total relaxation, release and relief on some level by the end of the very first session!


How to prepare:

Please come to the session with an intention in mind. Your intention can be anything you'd like to heal in your life. It could be your health, job, relationships, it could be emotional or physical healing, it could be anything at all that is not working out as you'd like. Whether we are in my office or on a video call the goal is for you to be as comfortable as possible before we begin the session. If you're on video, I usually suggest choosing an area in your home where you will be completely comfortable and free of distraction. Therefore, feel free to grab a cup of calming tea or put on some soothing music, whatever you think may help you feel the most able to fully relax.

What to expect:

We will chat for a bit, just enough to get a sense of what may benefit you the most during this particular session. We will identify the key emotions that are at the root of your suffering. I will then walk you through a short guided meditation in order for you to become completely relaxed and able to let go. There are many things that can happen during our time together. The main thing to know is that it is all happening for your highest good and that you will feel transformed in some way by the end of the session. In my experience, many of my clients experience relief immediately or within a few days. Either way, it is best to be patient with this process, it is not always "one and done". This journey is to be cherished and respected. It is also important to remember that we are always co-creating with others along their personal paths. Therefore, the integration with one another's energy is a very necessary aspect of this process. We must be patient and kind to ourselves as well as with our loved ones. Our bodies are very wise, they always know what is best for us. I will help you learn to communicate with your body and how to listen when it is trying to tell us something. I will assist in every possible way through your journey of self discovery and healing!

I began my journey into alternative healing almost a decade ago. Most recently I have formulated a method I call the Transformational Release & Integration Method, or TRIM. I have combined my knowledge of Reiki, Healing Touch®, Metaphysical Anatomy® and Ancestral Healing with the latest scientific knowledge of Neuroplasticity. I have found this method to be  extremely powerful! It has helped my clients with countless issues that modern medicine has not been able to. I have no doubt that this work will do the same for you!

Just a few issues TRIM  has helped  my clients with:



Moving Forward


Pre/Post Surgery


Self Sabotage

Self Worth

Sleep Issues



1 Full TRIM Session Bundle - $150

1 Accelerated TRIM Session - $80

1 Remote Mini Session - $50

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*Disclaimer: Elizabeth Potter is not a medical doctor and her methods are not intended to replace any medications or therapies nor does her advise constitute a diagnosis. The FDA has not verified any of the statements above and this therapy is intended for self-improvement purposes only. Thank you!

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