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My passion is inspiring and empowering others to reach their fullest potential. This is why I have developed a method to help my clients overcome many of the obstacles in their lives that may be getting in the way of true happiness. I call it the Transformational Release and Integration Method, or TRIM.  With TRIM I have been able to successfully help my clients finally let go and find their best path in life. So many people are struggling right now in this crazy world. For the majority of us, we are experiencing issues in several sectors of our lives including health, career, family and relationships, finances, and so much more. I too have had to overcome many of these problems in my own life. I have taken what I've learned on my own self-healing journey and developed a highly effective method to help others. TRIM is made up of several different techniques and practices to help people identify blockages, release them and move forward. I am by their side during the entire process on their own journey to living the life they have always dreamed of and deserve! Contact me for a free half hour consultation and let's get you started living your best life today!

Full TRIM Session  -  $150
3-Part Series Includes - Release Session In-Person 0r Zoom Call (up to 1 1/2 hrs) +
Remote Energy Integration Session +
Follow-up Call with Game Plan (up to
1/2 hr)

Accelerated TRIM Session  -  $80
2-Part Series Includes - Release Session In-Person 0r Zoom Call (up to 1hr) +
Remote Energy Integration Session  +
Follow-up Text to see how you are doing.


TRIM Remote Mini Sessions

Well, when our life-force energy is not flowing properly due to some kind of stress or injury, we start to feel the effects. We may become tied or irritable, we may experience brain fog and not be able to think clearly or make good decisions. We may feel pain of some kind, it could be physical or emotional. My technique, TRIM (Transformational Release and Integration Method) quickly and effectively removes low vibrational, negative energies, restores and rebalances the flow of this energy in the body. This process reactivates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. I am able to connect with your energy field remotely and do a full TRIM Energy Clearing without you having to leave to comfort of your home, we don't even have to be on a call or video conference. My clients generally report that they feel the energy as intensely as they do when we were in the same room together! I have found this to be a rapid and convenient yet extremely powerful and effective way to help my clients quickly. Contact me for a free half hour consultation and let's get you started living your best life today!

Remote Mini TRIM Session  -  $50
Includes - Remote Integration Session based on Emailed or Texted Information About What You'd Like to Release  +  Follow-up Call (up to 1hr)



Are you ready to find more joy and happiness in life? Are you longing to be part of­­ a community of like-minded people who have a vision of finding a ‘new normal’ that feels comfortable, safe and inviting? Or are you just looking to relax, de-stress and feel some sense of normality again?  If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then please join our Transformational Tribe Healing Group! I am thrilled to finally bring my powerful method of energy healing into a group setting. Many modalities have helped my family and I through mental and physical crisis but it was a long, arduous and expensive process. During that time I found that I could actually help all of us myself! I have combined my studies and certifications in energy work and develop my own process I call the Transformational Release & Integration Method, or TRIM. This method helps the mind becoming clearer, the body feel lighter and in the process life starts to transform in amazing ways! Click here to learn more. Join us for a free session and experience it for yourself!

In-Person  -  $20       
Distance Group Energy Healing - $10

*Package Pricing Available Upon Request

Notepad on Desk


In addition to being a Transformation Facilitator I am also a Graphic Designer. I have worked in the fields of Graphics, Fashion & Toys for over 30 years and have just recently incorporated my knowledge of energy work into my design business. The result is a heart-centered, empowering, mindful design and coaching company that will not only help you get your business up and running in no time, but will inspire you to keep up your momentum! Whether you need a logo, branding or just a simple business card, I will work with you on finding the best look and feel for you and your brand. Let me help you bring all of your ideas to life today! For more information on my design work click here.

$50 / hour

People Clapping


I run a full range of workshops of all types including a Happiness Retreat, Digital Design Day, and Ignite Your Fire, just to name a few. I am also running a 6 week certification course on the Transformational Release & Integration Method. My Happiness Retreat is exactly what you'd expect from it's title. It's a day filled with anything and everything that will bring you joy & stress relief. Digital Design Day is a full day of helping people with their small business graphic design needs. From inspiration to logos to websites, you name it, I cover it. Ignite Your Fire is a motivational workshop where I help people with self esteem. Breaking down old belief systems and helping people release anything that may may be causing them to feel held back or stuck in their lives. In the TRIM Certification Course I will be teaching everything I have learned over my decade of experience working with energy and helping people heal. This is a can't miss opportunity to learn this amazing and life changing method first hand. Whether you are looking to become a practitioner or to heal yourself, body, mind and/or spirit, this is the course for you! Contact me to sign up for one of my exciting and informative workshops today!

$125 / full day

A girl and her dog


In my experience in working with energy I often come across clients that have an animal companion in their life that is also in need of help. Animals are amazing creatures as well as natural born healers, for themselves as well as for their human counterparts! They have the ability to heal humans by their presence alone. They are funny, adorable and wise. But as strong as they are they can also succumb to negative energies. They can become overwhelmed with what is going on within the household as well. They can show this through behavioral problems or even physical issues. I have incorporated TRIM for Animals into my practice for those individuals who may be experiencing various difficulties with their pets. I also believe that animals are our best teachers and can offer a level of healing like no other. In addition to healing I have also helped people with lost pets or pets nearing the end of life. I often call in my own beloved furry friends for assistance; Penelope, Finley, Teddy and Piper. There is no limit to the love and healing animals can provide us. Therefore  we must be sure to offer assistance to them in any way possible!  Call for a free consultation today!

1  hour session  -  $65

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