My Remote Mini TRIM Session quickly and effectively removes low vibrational, negative energies, restores and rebalances the flow of this energy in the body. This process reactivates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. I am able to connect with your energy field remotely and do a full TRIM Energy Clearing without you having to leave to comfort of your home, we don't even have to be on a call or video conference. My clients generally report that they feel the energy as intensely as they do when we were in the same room together! I have found this to be a rapid and convenient yet extremely powerful and effective way to help my clients quickly. Contact me for a free half hour consultation and let's get you started living your best life today!


I would be happy to explain just how my remote mini Transformational Release and integration Method can help you,  just click here to contact me today!

Remote Mini TRIM Session

    • Anxiety & stress reduction
    • Releases stagnent trauma
    • Provides support during difficult times
    • Improves relationships
    • Pain reduction
    • Improves sleep issues
    • Improves feelings of self worth
    • Removes  the need for self sabbotage
    • Helps with motivation
    • Removes feelings of being held back or stuck
    • Pr