Everyone starting up a new business will need graphic design of some sort sooner or later. Whether it be a website, branding, a logo, or just business cards, the key is finding soemone who gets you. You should be working with someone who can intuatively help you on find the best look and feel for your brand. Someone you can trust that is going to be able to effectively show the world who you really are and what you can do for them. I will be that person that will help you bring all of your ideas to life!


In addition to being a Transformational Energy Facilitator and a Reiki Master/Teacher I am also a Graphic Designer. I have worked in the rehelms of graphics, fashion and toy design/development for over 30 years and have just recently incorporated my knowledge of energy work into my design business. The result is an exciting merge, a heart-centered, empowering, mindful design company that will not only help you get your small business up and running in no time, but will inspire you to keep up your momentum! I can help you with everything you need for your growing business from a design standpoint as well as helping you let go of the blockages in your belief system that may be holding you back from acheiving your fullest potential in business but more importantly in your life! 


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Graphic Design