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Meditation Class

What is the Transformational Release and Integration Method or T.R.I.M.:

As we all know, everything is made up of energy, including our bodies. When our life-force energy (referred to as chi in eastern cultures) is not flowing properly due to some kind of stress or injury, we start to feel the effects. We can experience this as physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue, we may be tired, irritable, or overwhelmed by life, or have difficulties in our relationships. The TRIM method, restores and balances the flow of this energy throughout the mind, body and spirit. Universal energy is channeled through the practitioner removing energy deficiencies and blockages, which then activates the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. TRIM also works to remove strong negative energy in the system that may be affecting the body in undesirable ways. The human body is a magnificent, energetic machine that is capable of healing! As a TRIM facilitator, I help my clients harness this divine universal energy that is flowing around and through them at all times. When receiving this concentrated energy, the body typically experiences an immediate feeling of relaxation and balance within the nervous system. Clients generally feel lighter, less burdened and more able to handle life. Often they experience some type of a release and relief from by the end of their very first session!


What to expect during a TRIM Group Healing Session:

I will introduce myself to the group and tell you a bit about what I do. Everyone can introduce themselves as well and may share a bit about why they are here (if they are comfortable to do so) and set an intention for healing. I will walk the group through a short guided meditation in order to help everyone feel deeply relaxed. I will then connect with the group to facilitate a group energy clearing followed by silent, personal, intuitive clearings for each individual participant.  As with my private sessions, I will be releasing any blockages or stagnant energy that may be causing you physical or emotional discomfort. Then I will be replacing any old, heavy, stagnant energy with light, fluid, high vibrational, energy bringing the system back into balance. I have found this method to be a very gentle yet powerful, efficient and effective way of releasing dense, negative energy from the field, finally allowing the body and mind to flow properly and be free of them for good.

After the Session:

Once the energy has been sufficiently cleared I will slowly bring everyone back. At this point I always love to hear what people experienced! I will always respect your privacy and ask if you feel comfortable sharing with the group. I also ask if you would like me to share what I experienced during the facilitation.  It's perfectly normal and natural to feel differently when you emerge from the healing space as the energy patterns have been reorganized. You may feel energized, tired, lightheaded, or just different than you did before the clearing. I tend to think of this process like taking an old rug that has been in the attic for decades. Once you shake it out, the dust flies everywhere and takes some time to settle back down into new patterns. This is the glorious magic of the Universal energy and the integration process at work! Always know that divine intelligence is transforming and recalibrating your energetic system for the better in some way, even if we cannot see nor understand it. This is a sacred process, to be cherished and respected, your body is so very wise and knows exactly how to heal. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being present while you experience this divine transformation!

$20 per Session

$50 - 3 Session Package 

$75 - 6 Session Package

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