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A Clear Mind OPENS the Path to A

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Potter and I have devoted my life to helping people clear the clutter in their minds and let go of the past so that they may move into a better future. In the process they can finally release and are able to transform themselves into a glorious present that they never thought possible. It is not only possible, it is quicker and easier than ever! Let me show you they way!

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" My passion is helping people find happiness, joy and fulfillment
in every aspect of life! "

Elizabeth M. Potter
Transformation Facilitator,
Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher,
Energy Healing Practitioner & Designer




Chronic Pain


Design Work

Goal Setting



Moving Forward

Pre/Post Surgery


Self Sabotage

Self Worth

Sleep Issues



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is within reach!


"I met Elizabeth just two months ago and it’s been life-changing for me physically and emotionally! I joined in on one of her TRIM, Group Healing Sessions and left there feeling so much better. Decided to do that was just what I needed and have been looking for! Thanks to her, I am no longer taking anxiety medicine, I am accomplishing my goals and aspirations and I feel back to myself again despite being confined to a chair due to a neurological disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth, CMT! Mini miracles have been happening to me lately and I have no one to thank but Elizabeth! I look forward to her classes and love her unique skills and soothing presence."

Bernadette Scarduzio
Drexel Hill, PA. USA

"My session with Elizabeth was profound!  I had been holding on to an ex-partner for over 10 years, which was stopping me moving forward.  Within an hour I had gone from wanting this guy to feeling repulsion for him.  I don't know how it happened but it was amazing! This is pure magic, and the wisdom and insights Elizabeth showed were very impressive. I will be back for more!" 

Lucy Mackintosh
Dubai, UAE

"My name is Gaye Danowitz. I had a wonderful healing with Elizabeth. I have had vertigo for several months and had tried everything but nothing worked. She did a distance healing at night. I felt her energy and a warm sensation on my head. When I woke up the next morning, I did not have any symptons of vertigo! I would highly recommend Elizabeth!"

Gaye Danowitz
Maryland, USA

"My experience with Elizabeth was life changing! I started talking and Elizabeth used her amazing intuition to pull together the threads of what I was saying to identify a lifelong pattern that was getting in my way. Elizabeth has a very kind, loving and accepting presence, so I felt very safe to be honest with myself and with her..."

Linda Nicholson
Downingtown, PA. USA

"Elizabeth Potter designed my website.  She listened carefully to what I had in mind, created a draft based on what I described, helped me to edit and launch the site. Ms Potter was quick and efficient.  The website is simple to use, elegant to view, and effective,  I highly recommend her work."

David Mueller
Marlton, NJ, USA

"I tried the MAT technique and there has been a noticeable shift in my anxiety.  There was an aha moment when I could see distance between who I am and what my anxiety was.  The anxiety somehow lost some power over me.  I came away from the session feeling energized and the feeling is still there 3 days later.  Elizabeth was very generous with her time and her wisdom."

Dubai, UAE

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