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A Clear Mind OPENS the Path to A

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Potter and I have devoted my life to helping people clear the clutter in their minds and let go of the past so that they may move into a better future. In the process they can finally release and are able to transform themselves into a glorious present that they never thought possible. It is not only possible, it is quicker and easier than ever! Let me show you they way!

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My passion is helping people clear "Mind Fog" so that they may find happiness, joy and fulfillment
in every aspect of life!"

Elizabeth M. Potter

Transformation Facilitator,

Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher,

Energy Healing Practitioner & Designer

what I do



My mission is to inspire and empower others to reach their fullest potential. I love helping my clients find the best path in life for them. For many people, their struggles are with their careers but for others the problems lie in their personal lives. For the majority of us, the issues span all sectors of our lives. This is why I feel compelled to encourage people in every aspect of life. I have developed a technique that I call TRIM, the Transformational Release & Integration Method, to release energy blockages, help my clients realize their potential and achieve their goals. I am there to guide them every step of the way as they move through the process on their journey to living the life they have always dreamed of and deserve! 

Creative Work


In addition to being a Transformation Facilitator I am also a Graphic Designer. I have worked in the fields of Graphics, Fashion & Toys for over 30 years and have just recently incorporated my knowledge of energy work into my design business. The result is a heart-centered, empowering, mindful design and coaching company that will not only help you get your business up and running in no time, but will inspire you to keep up your momentum! Whether you need a logo, branding or just a simple business card, I will work with you on finding the best look and feel for you and your brand. Let me help you bring all of your ideas to life today!

What TRIM heLps with


Chronic Pain


Design Work

Goal Setting



Moving Forward

Pre/Post Surgery


Self Sabotage

Self Worth

Sleep Issues



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is within reach!


"My session with Elizabeth was profound!  I had been holding on to an ex-partner for over 10 years, which was stopping me moving forward.  Within an hour I had gone from wanting this guy to feeling repulsion for him.  I don't know how it happened but it was amazing! This is pure magic, and the wisdom and insights Elizabeth showed were very impressive. I will be back for more!"   

Lucy Mackintosh

Dubai, UAE

"My name is Gaye Danowitz. I had a wonderful healing with Elizabeth. I have had vertigo for several months and had tried everything but nothing worked. She did a distance healing at night. I felt her energy and a warm sensation on my head. When I woke up the next morning, I did not have any symptons of vertigo! I would highly recommend Elizabeth!"

Gaye Danowitz

Maryland, USA

My experience with Elizabeth was life changing! I started talking and Elizabeth used her amazing intuition to pull together the threads of what I was saying to identify a lifelong pattern that was getting in my way. Elizabeth has a very kind, loving and accepting presence, so I felt very safe to be honest with myself and with her...

Linda Nicholson

Downingtown, PA. USA

Elizabeth Potter designed my website.  She listened carefully to what I had in mind, created a draft based on what I described, helped me to edit and launch the site. Ms Potter was quick and efficient.  The website is simple to use, elegant to view, and effective,  I highly recommend her work.

David Mueller

Marlton, NJ, USA

I tried the MAP technique and there has been a noticeable shift in my anxiety.  There was an aha moment when I could see distance between who I am and what my anxiety was.  The anxiety somehow lost some power over me.  I came away from the session feeling energized and the feeling is still there 3 days later.  Elizabeth was very generous with her time and her wisdom.


Dubai, UAE

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